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Do you know that most animal jammers get scammed at least once? There needs to be more knowledge on how to stop and protect yourself from getting scammed! This page will name all the scammers that have been found in animal jam so far and how you can make sure you do not get scammed by them! Everyone needs a reminder some times; and those whose names are put on this page I'm sorry but you need to follow animal jam's rules. If you would not like your name up here, then please message me and I will take it down. Thank you; and please comment if you would like me to list someone who has scammed you!

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So far, these are the scammers that I have seen in Animal Jam:

Funnybunny291 and Wfiredragon (I was told they worked together to scam topreader1 of their shark tail, rare purple worn, nerds, and long wrist, one of them convinced the top that they were trading for a glitched item, but it was a scam, and at the end, they teased top for trading them and animal jam did not do anything. Way to go on keeping jammers safe aj!)

jammer4b66m_gives scammed a ton of people at a giveaway including some rare longs (and yes trust and all that is common in animal jam now, but this was before a lot of jammers used trust). That is why he is so rare, he scams other people; everyone believes him because no one thinks that someone with so many great items would actually scam them.

Kristin103 scammed Glowinglightsz of their rare black long with proof at Winterflakes LPS

Emmilee did giveaway and did trust, and when they where trading back items to the trader, they locked their den, and the person didn't get their items back. beware 

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